Pyteomics documentation v4.7.2

How to install Pyteomics

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How to install Pyteomics

Supported Python versions

Pyteomics supports Python 2.7 and Python 3.3+.

Install with pip

The main way to obtain Pyteomics is via pip Python package manager:

pip install pyteomics

Install with conda

You can also install Pyteomics from Bioconda using conda:

conda install -c bioconda pyteomics

Arch-based distros

On Arch Linux and related distros, you can install Pyteomics from AUR: python-pyteomics

Project dependencies

Some functionality in Pyteomics relies on other packages:

All dependencies are optional.

Installing a subset of dependencies with pip

You can quickly install just the dependencies you need by specifying an “extra”. For example:

pip install pyteomics[XML]

This will install Pyteomics, NumPy and lxml, which are needed to read XML format. Currently provided identifiers are: XML, TDA, graphics, DF, Unimod, numpress, mzMLb, proforma.

You can also use these specs as dependencies in your own packages which require specific Pyteomics functionality.

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